An eternal treasure for your one and only.



Diamonds are the strongest natural material, and Loveonly diamonds are made of love.

Marriage is for eternity, and Loveonly diamonds are for a lifetime.

Diamonds are for eternity. From the depths of the earth, and billions of years old, they are the eternal symbol of love, and represent the depth of commitment to your love.

Marriage is the ultimate commitment, and the diamond ring is the ultimate symbol of love. Loveonly is a once in a lifetime diamond. One diamond, a lifetime of love.

A pure form of carbon, a Loveonly diamond represents the purity of your love. It symbolizes the unyielding strength of eternal love. It cannot be scratched day to day, and
resists other materials as your lifetime of love will.


Loveonly goes beyond the 4C’s: color, cut, clarity, carat to provide you with a diamond with one more C: Commitment.

The Loveonly Commitment is our dedication to giving you the diamond that not only matches your 4C specifications but also comes in a smart and fully traceable package that will secure your diamond forever.

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Loveonly sources only the highest quality of colour. Diamonds are either. The colour rating of a diamond is the natural body of the diamond. 

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We believe in only selecting the finest cut of diamonds to present our customers. Cut quality can range from poor to excellent. Loveonly stocks only the most excellent of diamonds.

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Clarity is incredibly important to determine the quality of diamonds. We only use VS3 or higher quality diamonds, because we believe in only presenting the best to your  love.

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The carat of your Loveonly diamond has a significant impact on the value of your diamond. No matter what level of your love, Loveonly covers your level of commitment. 

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We only ever want a customer to purchase one ring from us in a lifetime. Our 5C of certification blinds our customers to their one true love, to embody the clarity, purity and love of their diamond purchase. We only allow the purchase of one ring per customer per lifetime, as diamonds and love are for eternity.

This is the 5th C: Commitment



With the purchase of a Loveonly diamond you will receive a 5C certificate. This confirms the cut, clarity, colour, cart weight and most importantly: the commitment of your love.


Sign up and Purchase a Loveonly diamond and receive a 5C certification. Receive $199 in LOV points on your next Loveonly purchase. Eligible to up to 100% of the purchase price of a Loveonly diamond.

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FL Clarity, 3EX, N, GIA







VVS1 Clarity, 3EX N, GIA








VS1 Clarity, 3EX, N, GIA







We've partnered with the best diamond suppliers, mines, designers, jewelers to create an exceptional experience, diamond and global brand. 

Angela Wang


Renowned violinist Angel Wang has established herself as a violinist of exceptional ability in both China and Canada in solo, chamber and orchestral settings. In China she was a member of the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra and established the Angel Trio, performing chamber music throughout the country. In Canada she has performed with the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Opera and was concertmaster for a production of La Traviata.


Evert deGraeve


Fine jeweler, independent consultant and authority on using social media globally.

Fine jeweler, independent consultant and authority on using social media globally; since 2007 (reference upon request) he has launched designers and brands using social media with the Chinese market.

Alexandru Bunii


Senior Lecturer. PhD at Faculty of Arts and Design / West University of Timişoara.

Award - winning jewelry / concept designer and continually recognized for outstanding work ethic with proven history of self-motivation and eagerness to take on new responsibilities.


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